Writer's Block: Capital offense

What is your opinion of the death penalty? How important is this issue in deciding which political candidates you support?

I don't usually respond to writer's block questions but I feel exceedingly complled to write something as I am so impassioned about the subject. Luckily in the UK it was abolished in 1965 for 5 years and this was made permanent in 1969. It was actually still allowed as a sentence for certain crimes like treason and piracy up until 1998 but nobody was ever sentenced after the abolishment in '65. As a side not there was actually a working gallows kept at Wandsworth prison in London until the early nineties which was tested twice a year to make sure it was in working order. So it's nice to know that regardless of my political stance, it is something i never have to take into account when i'm about to vote.

It does make me sad to think that there are still countries like the US where this is still used as a punishment even  though many countries abolished it quite a while back. I'd like to think that we've come further than this and gotten past the need to kill people for crimes they've committed, but it's quite obvious that some places are way behind the times. I'd just like to point out that while the number of countries using capital punishment is decreasing on the whole, there are a few countries that are killing an indiscriminately large amount of people (China refuse to release any information or numbers but it's thought to be over 1500 last year, middle eastern countries like Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arbia average on the whole about 192, and America was just over 50) which is past the point of disgrace to me. I can kind of see why some countries still use  this punishment as they are retentionist so it's almost to be expected. It just defies logic to me that modern developed countries like America still use it. Even where countries have outlawed the death penalty for under 18's or people with a IQ of less than 70 (i think it's that number but i'm not quite sure), there are still a few countries that have put underage people to death, America being one of them. I just don't understand. Especially now that the US has come so far; they have their first black president, they're on their way to a health service reform and yet they still have states (i realise that some have abolished it) where this happens.

My personal view is that of non religious background. I know this comes into play with a lot of folk who will quote the "eye for an eye" spiel. It's just utter rot in my eyes. There are people that have done terrible, inhumane things but killing them does nothing more than satisfy some primal revenge trait that some of us still seem to be dragging with us (along with our knuckles). I feel that there is much more justice to letting a person sit and stew in a cell for the rest of their lives with only themselves for company, but then that's just me. i also take issue with people who may ahve been wrongly accused. This really gets my goat. There are so many who have been cleared of their crimes after spending years in jail. Who knows how many have been killed who did nothing but be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It literally sickens me to think about this. It could happen to any one of us. Which is why, as cool as America is and as much as i would love to live there, I am so grateful to be livng in the UK.

http://www.japanfocus.org/-David-McNeill/2953 - this is an article about the death penalty in Japan which i found interesting


Shopping is good for the soul. Yes, yes it is. I felt like a bag of cack today and needed to go out to get some lace and buttons for a new shirt I'm making. So off i went to the shops with my mom. Ended up buying lace PLUS all of this. SCORE! Felt a little better and a little more tired for the experience. I had that lovely feeling you get when you arrive home and root through all of your new goodies, realising that they all fit! Hooray!

I got two of these tops, in a grey and a lilac. I was so suprised to find them as they look like they belong in the Dream V shop! They evenb have a little heart cutout in the back! Adorable. Nice for casual hime gyaru. :0D


Just a couple of plain pastel lace camisoles that i found cheap. It;s nice to be able to find one in baby pink but i also fond one in a soft lavender too!


I'm pretty sure that's all that needs to be said there.


This bag is just an absolute beaut. It's a bit Cath Kidston without being expensive and it's pink on black too. Very cool. Especially as i hate 90% of bags that are in stores at the moment. More cute prints i say!


These are the holy grail of all boots. I've wanted some short cowboy boots for ages and have eyed them up in shops since they came out. They've always been too expensive though! The last pair I saw in Faith were about £70 and whilst i'd happily spend that on a piar of loli shoes, i can't justify spending that on a normal pair of boots. So i found these on sale for £10. And i haven't taken them off since i got home. THEY ARE MADE OF WIN!

i seem to have purchased rather a lot of late, so apologies for the posting all of my buys. I can't help it! Showing the bf my great buys don't seem to get much of a reaction, so it's noce to share them on here instead!

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Really need to get rid of these, are any of my friends interested?

*Shipping from the UK
*prices are in US dollars
*I have kitties but my clothes are safely in a wardrobe away from prying eyes and claws! =^,^=
*ask me as many questions as you like!
*Please feel free to offer me anything on my wtb list or anything besides! (see my journal)
*I accept no responsibility for lost packages or any damage done after it leaves my hands
*i accept paypal only, sorry!
*all items are clean and as new or gently used unless otherwise stated.



Angelic Pretty lavender shirred JSK ON HOLD
This is such a lovely JSK! I bought it from a lovely girl from the comm. I have only worn it once. No flaws. It's made of a broderie anglaise fabric, so it'd perfect for summer. Has attached pannier inside.

Bust  70-108cm
Waist 60-100cm
length 72cm from top of bust to hem (as you can tie the straps, you can alter it to be short or long)

$200  $160


Alice And The Pirates striped hoodie in pink and white  

Bust and waist- 86-100cm
Length- 35cm

I just got this last week and it's too small! It does stretch, but it doesn't really flatter me at 45" bust and 40" waist.

$65  $52

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How much is that thingy in the window?

I have bought loads of stuff of late so i thought i would post some pictures of some of the bits n pieces that are new!

These are my new mint and yellow Secret Shop tea parties. They're so beautiful. I love getting new tea parties because they're always gonna be comfy. Also i have noticed that this style of tea party fits me much better than the ones with the heart cut outs and de-tachable bow. they're a bit wider in the toe area. Also, Secret Shop shoes have this glorous smell when you get them out of the little individual bags.

This is one of my new tops from Dorothy Perkins. Check out all the ruffles! They've been doing some great casual hime gyaru stuff atm. i also got a wicked massive bow t shirt and some super slim black jeans which are now my all time favourite pair of jeans, I wish i'd have bought two pairs. they've sold out now though.

Here is one of the new bow barrettes i bought from the sales comm. It's so giant. It's a Meta one and i bought it to use as a hime style bow when i do massive hairdoos.

I love hair combs as i've always tended to style my hair in a 1940's fashion. So they come in handy. But i found these on the comm and they allow me to combine my retro hair style with loli which is great. <3

Here are a few bits i picked up from New Look for cheaps. This is the most perfect belt. Not only does it have a bow on it, it also has shit tonnes of diamantes on too. EPIC WIN! These socks matched fairly well too so i figured i'd try and combone both to make up some cute gyaru outfit. But i guess i can use both for loli too so it's even better.

This is a Jesus Diamante bow barrette i picked up from the comm. I always get super excited when there is JD stuff on egl but when it's something i can actually afford then it makes my day! Huzzah! This obviously means i NEED a pair of Jesus D shoes now to match...

I picked up some Eyelashes from Red Cherry. They're super cheap so i was dead chuffed. I have bought so many pair of eyelashes recently but these are the newest and i'm yet to try them out. I've also bought some contacts from PinkyParadise.com they're large Barbie ones but i dont have any contact solution so i will have to post those up at a later date. They look awesomes.

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YAY I GOT 89!!!!


You've been to egl.
You've posted on egl, without an onslaught of 'USE THE MEMORIES' and likewise.
You've bought a lolita mook.
You've picked a favorite brand.
You've ordered your first item.
You've worn a full outfit.
You've worn a full outfit out in public.
You've worn a full outfit and posted photos of it on the Internet.
You know what JSK, OP, and cutsew all mean.
You've bought your first brand piece.
You know your measurements.
You know you shoe size - in American, European, and Japanese.
You know who Mr. Yan is.
You know who Mana is. (+1 points if you know his band. +2 points if you know his brand. +3 points if you know why he's featured in every GLB.
+4 if you have a shrine to him in your closet.)
You know who Maki and Asuka are. (+2 if you've met Maki and Asuka).
You've watched Kamikaze Girls. (+1 if you know the real name of this movie. +2 if you know who wrote the book this was based on. +3 if you've also read the manga or novel. +4 if you love the author despite his criminal record).
You own a wig. (+1 if you own more than 2.)
You own a pair of falls.
You can identify lace on the spot.
You can identify an item's brand on the spot.

You can identify the year a dress was made by a specific brand on the spot.
You can name several different dresses or prints.
You answer stock photo requests.
You mod a lolita community.

You decorate your nails. (+1 if you wear fake nails. +2 if you make fake nails.)
You own a pair of a rocking horse shoes. (+1 if you know their abbreviation.)

You've made your own rose corsage.
You've made anything out of your brand dress's waist ties.
You've made anything out of a matching eco tote
. (+3 if you were the first one to do it, you think).
You know how to apply false eyelashes.
You know how to pronounce shirring.
You know how to pronounce Moi-meme-moitie, or Metamorphose tempes de fille.
You know a reliable shopping service.

You bid on Yahoo!Japan or Mbok.
You've been to a meetup.
You've planned a meetup.
You've planned a meetup with catering or more than 20 attendees.
You've met up with lolitas while on vacation to foreign or faraway locales.
You've seen a lolita fashion show.
You've seen a brand fashion show.
You've modeled in a lolita fashion show.
You've modeled in a brand lolita fashion show.

You wear bloomers.
You know how to make bloomers.
You tell other people to wear bloomers.

You draw lolita art, write a lolita blog, or provide the community with some sort of creative services.
You've taken purikura in lolita.
You've decorated your room/house/apartment in lolita style.
You've listened to lolita music.

You've learned kana.
You've learned enough Japanese to read a magazine.
You wear or own circle lenses.
You've been called a princess by a young child.

You've dressed up a friend.
You've convert a friend.
You've been in media (television, newspaper, magazine). (+2 points if it's Japanese media.)
You've learned a handicraft, like jewelry making, embroidery, or sewing.
You've become a lolita mentor.
You've attended lolita events at an anime or multi-genre convention.
You've organized or presented lolita events at a convention.
You've visited a brand shop.
Trip to Japan!
You've dressed up and gone out alone.
You're prepared for inclement or colder weather in lolita (coat, parasol, boots, gloves, other climate-specific items.)
You've learned face contouring.
You've made a lolita valentine.
You've got a lolita pen pal or online lolita friends.
You have local lolita friends.
You know how to modify clothes that don't fit you.

You know how to dress for your body type.
You've been in a street snap.
You've been to multiple world locations of the same brand store (BABY Paris, BABY Tokyo, BABY San Francisco, etc.)
You've created a makeup/hair/sewing tutorial.
You've sold hand-created lolita goods.

You have your own lolita fashion line.
You've gotten a lolita haircut, style, or color.
You've mixed other street fashions with lolita.
You've thrown a lolita party/had a lolita wedding.
You've dressed your child/small children in lolita or kodona style.
You've successfully cross-dressed in lolita style at least once (boystyle for girls and girls' clothing for guys).
You've lolified or made sure all the contents of your purse are cute (wallet, lipgloss, keyring, etc.)
You have a lolita pet (small dogs, cats, rabbits, exotic birds, fancy fish) or have dressed/accessorized your pet (bows or pet clothes).

You've dressed your significant other or dated someone who dresses in J-fashion/alternative fashion.
You've read Alice in Wonderland. (+1 if you've seen the animated movie or other variations, +2 if you've seen more than one variation, +3 if you own more than one variation)
You've dressed as Alice or another Wonderland character in lolita style, or own Alice themed items.
You've made something from a Japanese pattern.

You've found, bought, or made lolita underwear (bras and panties).
You wear lolita daily, or have gone 7 days straight wearing only lolita.
You have lolita calling cards or business cards.
You play a lolita instrument (i.e., piano, violin, harp, French horn... well any instrument really.)

You can translate yen to your country's currency in your head. (+1 if you can convert other currencies you shop with as well. +2 if you read the news to know how the yen is doing.)
You've sold lolita clothing online (secondhand, egl_comm_sales).
Your article or entry has been put into the egl memories.
You take photos of your outfits/daily outfit photos.
You've posted to daily_lolita.
You own a petticoat. (+1 if you own more than one. +2 if you wear three or more at a time).
You've bought a lucky pack.

You keep a style diary or look-book.
You can put together an outfit made entirely from offbrand.
You've bought offbrand or non-Japanese brand.

Adorable Admirer (lvls 1 - 20) You've started studying or liking lolita but haven't taken that leap of faith yet. Good luck!

Resplendant Rufflebutt (lvls 21 - 40) At home within the land of the rufflebutts and spilling frills from every edge.

Victorian Maiden (lvls 41 - 60) A classy lolita of taste and experience, who knows her way around the lolita social set.

Starry Celebrity (lvls 61 - 80) On page six of the lolita world, you've risen to the ring of the upper crust.

Pretty Princess (lvls 81 - 100) Lolita royalty, truly versed in the ways of the lacey ones, the lolita princesses have achieved a special level of enlightenment.

Ultimate Lolita (Boss Fight!) (lvls 100+) Wow, you've gotten over 100 levels? You're the ultimate lolita with unlimited hitpoints. That's actually a little scary

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I've got a motivation problem...So my standard break from life is getting longer

I've been prodded and poked and told that i need to update my journal as i havent in a while... one of my best friends lives on the other side of the country and i never get to see him, so he likes to check my journal and find out what's going on in my life... so here you go Nutz, this one's for you baby! <3

Let me see, where should i begin? The start of the year would be a good place, I guess. I registered for night school and did a term of fashion sewing, which i finished just before easter. Our only aim was to make one skirt of our choice, so it was nice and easy and a good way to get back into socialising with new people.  I made a loli skirt (quelle suprise?) and whilst being fairly competent at dressmaking, thought i could do with brushing up my skills and re-learning a few things as i have picked up bad habits. So that was very useful.

I liked the class so much that i decided to do it again this term where we're making a shirt. ^_^ My teacher is awesome and she has asked me a few times why i am not doing it at college, which gave me a boost. So i have been to an open day at one college and am going to another next month and i think i will probably apply to both to do a HND (with the possibility of turning it into a degree) in Fashion and Textiles. Eeeek!
You never know I may actually be able to stop being a hopeless stop-in and start some kind of career I actually enjoy. Maybe.

I also went to my first loli meet in Birmingham. It was amazing. It was also the first time I'd been out for a few years by myself so it was quite a big deal. I met some beautiful and very interesting girls (and guy!!!) and we toured the likes of the canal barge cafe, the rag market, vintage shops and the museum & art gallery tea room for nummies! I also got bought a fantastic balloon by a lovely loli called Kyra. Who is just dead ace. And then me and Hayley ran up the street with them and had various Balloonicorn fights. Good times indeed.

I've been to Snows Hill Manor (pictured), with the folks which was beautiful and Nutz, you would have loved it, it had all of these really cool things inside. the guy who owned it basically turned it into a giant curiosity museum full of weaponry and armour and art and samurai attire and and and... some other stuff which i can't remember. But it was epic.

Oh yeah and i found this posh carriage in a barn there which was all pastel and pretty.

Dan and I took a trip to York for the weekend cos I had never been. Twas much fun and a much needed break for the both of us. We went to the National Railway Museum (nerds!) which was soooo cool. I saw some ace steam trains and carriages and stuff. Oh and some royal trains. AND a 60's bullet train, which you can walk through. That bit was my personal favourite part because i got really excited and wished i was in Japan.

We took a visit to the Yorvik Viking Museum, which i imagined was some kind of grandiose stand alone epic museum and let me tell you IT IS NOT. It's all tiny and rubbich and expensive. You know there's something wrong when it's a museum that has more wax works than historical findings. BOOO HISSS! Was very expensive too.
There was lots of shopping to be done and nice food to be eaten. I got to eat French food AND Chinese food. The Chinese restaurant we went to was stunning, it was all. It was huge and really extravagant inside. It speciallised in Szechuan cuisine. We ate so much! It was the best Chinese food i have ever had. And i seem to eat quite a lot of it, so...
We found the coolest little Victorian tearoom called Betty's. I took pictures of the window display as it was pretty much perfect! we had some tasty breakfast, amidst which i was thoroughly impressed because they bought me loose leaf tea and a strainer, which i havent had since i was little, so i enjoyed that immensely! I bought some macaroons. VERY TASTY AND EXQUISITE IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF. lol.

Whilst on the subject of food, Dan and I have partaken in the eating of many a good Japanese meal. This is my favourite...

Fried Tofu!!!! oh good lord it makes me weak at the knees. I like fried tofu pretty much any way it is served but they do this bento box at my favourite resuarant in Birmingham and it's so cute!!! The sesame green beans in it are amazing, i have since made them at home. Nummers!!

I think that's all i have for now. Just sewing and baking and OOOhh oooh i've been doing lots of gardening too. I shall take some photos once everything is in bloom. ;0)

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